It is a socially minded, soul-mending public spectacle of the stand-up-and-shout variety and, at the risk of sounding more of a cheerleader than critic, I encourage you to see this and to lend to its charming crusade your own energy. You never know: miracles happen every day. – Byron Laviolette, EYE Weekly

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Suck and Blow, the first theatrical collaboration between Michael Rubenfeld and Judith Snow premiered at the 2006 Rhubarb! Festival presented by Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. Performed by Caleb Yong and Judith Snow read more…

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[The Book of Judith] asks its audiences to perceive inclusion in ways that will not only help us bridge gaps, but has the power to create very real change in how we see and think of the world. It asks its audiences to look at those with disability in ways they would and could not in the past. It opens the door to the power of inclusion. This is a very special and rare breed of theatre. – Josette Bushell-Mingo, Artistic Director, Silent Theatre (Sweden) and Olivier Award Nominee (UK)

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The Book of Judith has been generously supported by The Canada Council for the Arts, The Ontario Arts Council, The Toronto Arts Council, the Ontario Trillium Foundation, The Theatre Centre, Cahoots Theatre and Abilities Centre.

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