Sue Balint is an independent arts manager who currently collaborates with selfconscious, Aluna Theatre, Modern Times Stage Company, SummerWorks, and princess productions. Recent work includes producing SummerWorks’ innaugural Progress and Aluna Theatre/Modern Times’ co-production of Blood Wedding (Bodas de Sangre) (six Dora awards). Sue is a founding ensemble member of Theatrefront, and served as Producer for their Dora award-winning play cycle, The Mill (Parts 1-4). She also previously worked with visual artist/architect Philip Beesley, managing development and communications for his studio’s domestic and international installations. Sue’s work as a playwright/dramaturge includes fforward (two Dora nominations) and RETURN: The Sarajevo Project (five Dora nominations), both with Theatrefront. Other collaborations include DNA Theatre (The Large Glass), The Theatre Centre (Body Geometry: The Seventh Angel), Goossun Art-illery (HamletZar) and R. Murray Schaffer’s Patria Music Projects (Asterion). Sue holds degrees in Theatre and Religion (Queen’s University) and Journalism (King’s College).

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Selfconscious is a performance company that was established in 2008 as a merger between two separate theatre companies: Die in Debt and Absit Omen Theatre. It began because Sarah Garton Stanley and Michael Rubenfeld really liked spending time with each other and making work together. They also both share the belief that other people and being alive are both very confusing. They think that this is probably why they get along so well and also why they both remain interested in using the theatre as a place to explore how hard it is to do and be the things they most want to do and be. But they also believe that it is possible. So they keep trying.

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Michael is a performance maker originally from Winnipeg and now residing in Toronto. He is a Dora Award-nominated performer and playwright and has worked on stages across the country and in parts of the United States. In 2002 he launch the Absit Omen Playwrights’ Unit with Hannah Moscovitch, which was a bi-monthly space for writers to explore new work. Two years later, they launched Absit Omen Theatre, where they produced a number of new works including Essay, The Russian Play and Mexico City (Moscovitch) and Present Tense, Spain and My Fellow Creatures (Rubenfeld). The company was collectively nominated for over 10 Dora-Mavor Moore Awards, including


Sarah is a Montreal original now living between Ottawa, Kingston and beyond. She founded her first theatre company, The Baby Grand, in Kingston, in 1985 and went on from there to co-create Women Making Scenes, in Montreal and Die in Debt in Toronto, (a company that became synonymous with groundbreaking, large canvas site-specific work.) Sarah is a founder of The Harold Awards in Toronto and became the first and only female Artistic Director of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. She was the Associate Director at The Factory Theatre and the inaugural Associate Artist at The Magnetic North Theatre Festival. Sarah has been nominated or won several awards including

Our work revolves around ourselves.  Literally.  We are the protagonists and our personal stories are the entry point into how we explore narrative. We use the theatre as a space to be the artistic detectives in our own lives.  We believe that through the very specific, sincere, rigorous and imaginative telling of our own stories, we can help lead ourselves and subsequently our audiences towards new understandings and transformational possibilities. We are also very interested in other people’s stories and how they intersect with and inform our own. To satiate this interest, we often work with non-traditional performers who help us explore the theatrical proposal that the theatre is a place to start conversations but not finish them. It is also a reminder that we are all in this thing together.  We are interested in how hard things are to comprehend and use ourselves as lab-rats in the hopes that we can make things a bit better for everyone.
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