By in Us, Who What Why on January 21, 2014
Our work revolves around ourselves.  Literally.  We are the protagonists and our personal stories are the entry point into how we explore narrative. We use the theatre as a space to be the artistic detectives in our own lives.  We believe that through the very specific, sincere, rigorous and imaginative telling of our own stories, we can help lead ourselves and subsequently our audiences towards new understandings and transformational possibilities. We are also very interested in other people’s stories and how they intersect with and inform our own. To satiate this interest, we often work with non-traditional performers who help us explore the theatrical proposal that the theatre is a place to start conversations but not finish them. It is also a reminder that we are all in this thing together.  We are interested in how hard things are to comprehend and use ourselves as lab-rats in the hopes that we can make things a bit better for everyone.

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