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Sue Balint is an independent arts manager who currently collaborates with selfconscious, Aluna Theatre, Modern Times Stage Company, SummerWorks, and princess productions. Recent work includes producing SummerWorks’ innaugural Progress and Aluna Theatre/Modern Times’ co-production of Blood Wedding (Bodas de Sangre) (six Dora awards). Sue is a founding ensemble member of Theatrefront, and served as Producer for their Dora award-winning play cycle, The Mill (Parts 1-4). She also previously worked with visual artist/architect Philip Beesley, managing development and communications for his studio’s domestic and international installations.
Sue’s work as a playwright/dramaturge includes fforward (two Dora nominations) and RETURN: The Sarajevo Project (five Dora nominations), both with Theatrefront. Other collaborations include DNA Theatre (The Large Glass), The Theatre Centre (Body Geometry: The Seventh Angel), Goossun Art-illery (HamletZar) and R. Murray Schaffer’s Patria Music Projects (Asterion). Sue holds degrees in Theatre and Religion (Queen’s University) and Journalism (King’s College).

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