By in We Keep Coming Back on January 22, 2014

We Keep Coming Back is a performance work exploring how the disconnect from family both parallels and is informed by the disconnect from place.

Michael Rubenfeld is a theatre artist living in Toronto. He has a complicated relationship with his mother, Mary. Mary was born in Sweden to Jewish refugees from Poland. Yet no one in his family identifies as Polish, or Swedish. In his early 30s, Michael starts to question his feelings of detachment from his mother, from being Jewish, from Poland. Are these feelings of disconnection all connected? Can a mother and son find a way back to each other by going back to their family roots and by making a play about it? How does modern-day Poland play into their personal quest? They set off to Poland and Sweden with director Sarah Garton Stanley and hire a Polish videographer, Katka Reszke, who happens to be on an identity quest of her own. In a multimedia, sonically-driven presentation, Michael comes together on stage with Mary, Sarah and Katka to tell and retell the story of their trip replete with serendipitous discoveries, faulty memory, charged interactions, unexpected humour, the shadows of war, and the promise of writing a new narrative.


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